GetOnToC++ Introduction

Get On To C++ Intro


The purpose of this Get On To C++ Self Paced Programme is to help you learn the essentials of C++ programming. Mainly by writing and compiling lot of C++ programs than reading lot of theory. Its learning C++ by practice. This self paced study is different from other tutorials/books because of the following

  1. Learning and being a Confident C++ programmer is a simple 18 Step Process which can be completed in flat 2 – 4 weeks time.
  2. The emphasis of Get On Series is on Programming and learning the language rather than reading a lot of theories.
  3. Every Step introduces 5 – 10 concepts and each concepts is demonstrated with a sample code. All sample code can be built, compiled and executed as is. We encourage you to cut and paste this sample code into your editor and build, compile and execute the same in your environment.
  4. Whats most Important is in the end you will be a Confident Developer of C++ Language having written any-where between 150 – 200 Programs.

Optionally their is mentoring programme that you can sign up. Here are the details

  1. Mentoring Process is One Skill – One Mentor – One Student Philosophy. This helps to identify skill gaps in the engineer and guide appropriately.
  2. After Every Step mentors cross examine one-on-one with the Engineers to check the level of understanding and gives practise program to be written by engineers.
  3. Mentors are experienced and working in the industry who will impart realtime use of technology and concepts unlike in other training institutes.
  4. Mentor and Engineer connect using Google Hangout or Skype One-on-One where-in Mentor can see the shared desktop of engineer, ask questions on concepts and give Practise Program from the pre-defined list
  5. Finally this programme works with the industry and connect the Engineers with the companies for staffing

Overview of Get On To C++

Get On To C++ is divided into 3 main parts and each part has 6 steps. So in-total there are 18 steps. Each Step introduces around 5 – 10 concepts. Each concept is explained with a sample program. So at the end of self paced study you would have understood around 120-150 concepts and would have written around 150 – 200 programs. The essential parts and steps of Get Onto C++ Self-paced Study are

Part 1: Get Onto C/C++ Basics

  • Step 1:   -> Get Onto C/C++ Basics
  • Step 2:   -> Get Onto C/C++ Loops and Conditional Expressions
  • Step 3:   -> Get Onto C/C++ Functions and Recursions
  • Step 4:   -> Get Onto C/C++ Arrays
  • Step 5:   -> Get Onto C/C++ Pointers
  • Step 6:   -> Get Onto C/C++ Bits, Characters and Strings

Part 2: Get Onto C++ Intermediate

  • Step 7:   -> Get Onto C++ Structures and Classes
  • Step 8:   -> Get Onto C++ Data Abstractions and Encapsulations
  • Step 9:   -> Get Onto C++ Objects and Pointers
  • Step 10: -> Get Onto C++ Inheritance and Class Hierarchy
  • Step 11: -> Get Onto C++ Virtual Function and Polymorphism
  • Step 12: -> Get Onto C++ Operator Overloading

Part 2: Get Onto C++ Advanced

  • Step 13: -> Get Onto C++ Exception Handling
  • Step 14: -> Get Onto C++ File Processing
  • Step 15: -> Get Onto C++ Templates
  • Step 16: -> Get Onto C++ Data Structures
  • Step 17: -> Get Onto C++ Linked List
  • Step 18: -> Get Onto C++ Standard Template Library(STL)

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